Джоли стремительно худеет из-за измен Питта

A friend of the actress candidly explained why she is rapidly losing weight.

The once irresistible beauty Jolie in recent years has changed beyond recognition. And if before her feminine form was envied by all girls of the world, without exception, now emaciated anorexic body of the actress evokes only pity and concern for her health.

For months now, journalists and fans of Angelina are wondering, what is the reason for such a dramatic metamorphosis of her body. Skinny, gaunt face, thin legs (it’s unclear how they carry the body), peeking ribs and shoulder blade – here’s what’s left of the beloved sex symbol.

As it turned out, drastic weight loss not because of newfangled diet, but with the strongest stress. To worry Jolie has what. The perfect marriage of actress and brad pitt cracked. Not only that spouses ‘ mutual claims are increasing each year like a snowball. According to relatives of the couple, brad cheated on his wife.

One of the friends of the actress openly admitted to foreign publications, she is in critical condition.

“Angelina is depressed, she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Therefore and lose weight, which currently stands at less than 45 pounds.”

Who caught pitt’s wife, caught, or is it all speculation, not specified. According to those same friends, Jolie has a vivid imagination, and she out of the blue to make her husband jealous scene. So, the woman fired the babysitter of his children for what she allegedly flirted with brad. And although the fact of change has not been recorded, the actress spent with betrothed preventive conversation, not to relax.

It seems that Hollywood beauty from the antics of the wife not love it. Rumor has it that he even prepares the divorce papers, so he was fed. And even double tattoo with sacred meaning, which young people recently filled, apparently, will not save the situation.

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