This we did not expect: Cameron Diaz became very fat

Такого мы не ожидали: Камерон Диаз сильно растолстела

Fans did not recognize the plump 44-year-old actress.

Cameron has always been considered one of the sexiest Hollywood stars: the star says that her secret of beauty in naturalness and genuineness. Diaz believes that it is better to allow yourself a few years than be ashamed of his age.

And fans have never been against such statements, while not stunned by new images of the idol.

Together always slim and toned Cameron the public saw pretty ispolnilsya the tired woman.

The star recently appeared in public, but paparazzi caught Cameron with her husband in the Parking lot after shopping.

Fans suspect that such changes in the shape of a star related to the fact that she is trying to get pregnant by using hormone therapy.

Recall that the actress already a long time refuses all job offers and wants to leave the village.

“Cameron and Benji want to have a baby ever since, as he said “I do” in January of this year. It is suppressed because to get pregnant still does not work”, -shared his experiences actress her friend.

In any case, Cameron continues to enjoy family life and anxiously wait for the addition to the family, which we really wish her!