Tom hardy is the bet DiCaprio will do a tattoo with his name

Том Харди проспорил Ди Каприо и сделает тату с его именем

On the hand Volume will now be off the phrase “Leo knows everything.”

Among Hollywood stars, many of those who can boast long-standing friendship. Tom hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio together not only removed, but also to maintain friendly relations.

In the joint painting “Survivors”, the premiere of which resounded around the world, Leo predicted it was nominated for an Oscar for this role. Yes, despite the fact that DiCaprio himself last year for the first time in career became the winner of the coveted statuette, the actor always wanted colleagues to succeed.

Hardy was sure that not getting a nomination for the role and so they make another bet: if Tom got nominated for an Oscar, he will fill the tattoo with the name of Leonardo DiCaprio.

“He wrote his lousy handwriting: “Leo knows everything.” I said, “Okay, I’ll do it, just write normal,” said hardy American Esquire.

In the end, Leo not only received the coveted statuette, but won the argument! Hardy was nominated for the award, though the statue was not handed, but Tom agreed to get a tattoo.

Incidentally, the film “Survivors” was presented in 12 nominations on “Oscar”, three of which won. And it is for her role in this film, Leonardo received his first long-awaited Academy award.

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