Мария Кожевникова лечится по советам в интернете

Actress forced to suspend shooting due to health problems.

A successful actress, ex-Deputy of the state Duma, mother of two sons, a loving wife long been known as an active user of Instagram. Sometimes to such an extent active that prefers to share with the fans of not only their joys and thoughts, and problems. This time 32-year-old Maria Kozhevnikova decided to appeal to the fans, which is 1.6 million, with a request to help in the treatment. Prior to that, she visited the doctor, but the advice of a specialist scaring her. And to improve their health wants as quickly as possible, because of illness had to suspend work.

I stopped my shooting… I Have sinusitis for the first time, doctors suggest antibiotics or puncture, neither one nor the other, do not want! (Puncture terribly afraid, and all who did, dissuade, antibiotics are not used.) Please share your stories and treatment. Thank you! — wrote in his blog Maria.

Then he fell down the names of medicines, listing of traditional medicine, homeopathic methods, and even Chinese patch suggest sticking! And of course, the pitiful lamentations of fans with detailed stories about their diseases. Of the 3 million comments were very few: “there Are times when it is necessary to trust doctors, and not to refuse treatment!”

Add that professional experts from medicine has repeatedly warned the Russians about the danger of the treatment via the Internet. Meanwhile, the authorities have thought, and even introduced a bill on the use of telemedicine. That is, by law prescribe the possibility of consultations with a doctor outside the hospital. This issue is being discussed seriously in the fact that if you cannot come to the clinic patients should receive qualified medical care via the Internet, while today is of dubious quality tips how to cure a more or less severe disease, it is possible to have a completely non-medical users.