There will be no wedding! Prokhor Chaliapin refused to marry

Свадьбы не будет! Прохор Шаляпин отказался жениться

The singer took the statement on registration of marriage to model Anna Kalashnikova from the Registrar’s office.

And this is no joke! The news that the wedding is confirmed the lawyer Chaliapin, Maya Sandler. According to her, no claim to Anna Prokhor no, but to register their relationship he did not intend, how hard for him it was.

“Prokhor came to the Registrar to withdraw from the marriage with this name, to withdraw your application for registration of marriage with Anna, the lawyer said Maya Sandler. — However, I want to clarify that no claims to Anna Prokhor was not there, he still treats her with great warmth, respect and participation”.

The lawyer noted that “Prokhorov sincerely wishes to Anna happiness and hopes that now she, like many other women, will not make such mistakes against men and learn to appreciate people.” Apparently, in this phrase, the actor hinted at the results of the DNA test, which showed that Prokhor Chaliapin is not the father of the child Kalashnikova. Read more here.

In addition, Maya Sandler, on behalf of his ward apologized to the guests who were invited to the wedding.

“Prokhorov is trying not to show his true feelings, but believe me, it is now extremely hard. For this reason, I on behalf of his family please respect his privacy and support him in this difficult period,” the quoted words of counsel Chaliapin website “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Wedding Chaliapin and Kalashnikov, recall, was to be held on may 15. But then because of the death of grandma Anna’s celebration was postponed to 24 may.

A month ago the former lovers shared with reporters the process of preparing for the wedding, which was going to spend about 10 million rubles and to invite several hundred guests. But as they say, not destiny.

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