The truth about SIP panels. Can you trust them?

Вся правда о СИП панелях. Стоит ли им доверять?

Work, city, traffic… this is frustrating and I want to get away from the hustle and bustle. You dream of a country house? Where you can hide in the baby soft, sipping a hot mug of tea(or something stronger), warm fireplace with the family. Or just come to relax, cook a barbecue with friends. But here’s the first problem: “How to select a site for the building?” and “what material to build a house?”. So let’s take a look.

Вся правда о СИП панелях. Стоит ли им доверять?

Where else is there to build a house?

Construction of a country house can be made from different materials. It can be:

  • wood;
  • brick;
  • solid;
  • permanent formwork;
  • the frame house.

Of these options, the increasing popularity began to use karkasnyi. A frame house from SIP panels what is a miracle home?

SIP house

SIP panel (structural insulated panel) is a material consisting of a heater and two sheets of OSB. They represent a material consisting of glued together with resin chips of wood.

As a heater can be used mineral wool, polyurethane foam, fiberglass, but is used mostly Styrofoam. This is because he has good characteristics of water repellency, vapor resistance, durability and resistance to the appearance of fungus and mold.

Mineral wool in contact with the human body causes itching. The polyurethane foam the best features for water and sound insulation. Fiberglass melts at elevated temperatures.

Вся правда о СИП панелях. Стоит ли им доверять?

Structural insulated panels have the following positive characteristics:

  • A high degree of thermal insulation.
  • A good insulation.
  • The weight of the panels allows their loading, unloading, feeding to the place of work and the installation manually. Construction of Foundation does not require large financial and material costs.
  • Structural insulated panels do not emit the allergens.
  • The cost of these panels is much lower than the alternative materials.
  • Installation can be done in the winter and summer, as panels are resistant to water, moisture, snow, temperature changes of the air and harmful influence of biological factors.
    The surface prepared as possible for the interior decoration and the arrangement of the facade.
  • It should be particularly noted short periods of construction by a team of experts of “the Master”. Having a great experience, they’ll build the home of your dreams and save the family budget. Because this construction is different the inexpensive price..

    All dreams are real if it is good to try and choose the right Builder!