OOO “Clanged”: professionalism and reliability

ООО «Кланград»: профессионализм и надежность

Birthday of the company “Clanged” that November 19 marks the 2 year is a significant event

It’s not just an excuse to hold a corporate party, as evidence that the company held by the management and team of specialists with huge experience in sales of building materials.

ООО «Кланград»: профессионализм и надежность

Over the past 2 years we have gained a reputation of reliable and proven partners and has established itself in the market of construction services and sales of Nizhniy Novgorod and nearby regions.

Cooperating with our company, customers have found the training of professionals who successfully solve the tasks on the expansion of services in all areas of activities.
The development of our company is directed towards the use of the latest technologies and new advanced materials for construction, with a focus on market supply and on the needs of our potential customers.

Frames define success

On this festive day, we should recall that in the process of formation of the company, as a production unit, as a team, we stuck to our core principle, which is this: the success of the company depends on the professionalism of the staff and continuous improvement of their competence.
Birthday of our company represents an excellent opportunity for the employees again to make sure that they are really in the best companies of Nizhniy Novgorod, where they value their work and want to efficiently and effectively work in the team of OOO “Clanged”.

Gifts from clients!

In preparation for the celebration of the birthday of the company, the decision was made until December 19 to give everyone a second client gifts. It’s a nice mission, when a successful company has the ability to not only receive congratulations but to make gifts to potential customers.

We hope that the birthday of the company “Clanged” will allow to attract new customers, open new marketing opportunities and contribute to successful business development!