The star of “Return of Mukhtar” died in hospital

Звезда «Возвращение Мухтара» скончалась в больнице
Natalia Yunnikova passed away at the age of 37 years.

Natalia Yunnikova

Photo: Instagram

The star of the series “Return of Mukhtar” Natalia
Yunnikova died today in a Moscow hospital. The actress died
without regaining consciousness after the accident, which occurred at her home. Reported
that she fell in his apartment, having strongly hit the head, then got
in the intensive care unit with the diagnosis of “extensive bleeding in the brain.” The doctors brought the actress
in an artificial coma.

It turned out, what happened with the star. About it
told her ex-husband, Anton Fedotov. “Natasha has had a stroke,
she was not on any feast. She was at home with my mother and our
son Roland. She was taken to the hospital,” — said Fedotov. Unfortunately, to save
Natalia failed. Family, friends and fans deeply saddened UNICOOL. Actress
it was only 37 years old…

Natalia Yunnikova became famous thanks to the role of the investigator
Vasilisa Mikhaylova. Despite the fact that after the 4th season, the Natalia left
project later she appeared in some episodes of the subsequent seasons. In one
from his interview with the actress sincerely admitted that “the Return of Mukhtar”
for something more than just a job. “Yes, actually can not call shooting
in the series work. I was so happy to go to the Playground!” — spoke