New leading “eagle and Tails” Natalie Nevedrova: “I had a love at first sight!”

Новая ведущая «Орла и Решки» Натали Неведрова: «У меня случилась любовь с первого взгляда!»
Exclusive interview with new star of the famous project about travel.

Новая ведущая «Орла и Решки» Натали Неведрова: «У меня случилась любовь с первого взгляда!»

The new season of the show “heads and Tails. Heaven and Hell” began with an interesting change: instead of Lesya Nikityuk c Regina Todorenko in the world now travels a “lighter” Natalie Nevedrova. learned from the presenter, as it is adopted in the project.

Natalie, the popularity of which often falls on new leading that fall in the legendary projects that sometimes confuses them and makes themselves look at their surroundings. In Instagram immediately appear thousands of new subscribers, including the haters. What was the reaction of your friends and acquaintances on the first issue of the “eagle and Tails” with your participation?

— I’m one of those who, first, is always looking for feedback. And secondly, close takes all to heart. So what happen now with my social networks is a difficult period for me. It is very difficult to give a proper review, but I’ll try. I sincerely appreciate valid criticism. Myself love to criticize themselves. Therefore, the criticism in General are more than adequate. However, I believe that to criticize correctly and appropriately can those who have the attitude to what is going to criticize. That is, for example, to estimate the share of “replay” what they are writing about haters, you need at least to know me, what I have in my life. From their own loved ones, I get comments: “Nevedrova, you’re so real there, so bad and real”. It is written by those who knew me 10 years, those who always says directly, if they don’t like something. And for me friend is someone who will always agree with me. Each one who will be able to tell you where you are wrong.

I understand very well that I feel fans of the “eagle and Tails” and Lesia. Remember how the World descended on Daniel Craig, when he became the new James bond. And now got used to it and all is well. Therefore, those who are experiencing care Lesya, even temporary, on the contrary I want to support. They are also hostages of the situation. A negative reaction is absolutely normal and understandable.

It’ll all be over! I’m sure we still have time to make friends with the audience. I’ve been preparing mentally before ethers. Prepared for the worst. Surprisingly, the main stream of negativity anywhere: in public, in the pages of channels, but not on my personal page. What is strange to me. People write me very long emails with support. Tell their stories. Say thank you. It’s important to me. It is very important. I don’t want to make sure I loved everything, it does not happen. But if there are like-minded people who are just like me, want to make the world a better, kinder — for me it is a great reward. And let them be not a million of them five people, but they will be the same as I do. And I know that we have this space — gang, we — the power!

Новая ведущая «Орла и Решки» Натали Неведрова: «У меня случилась любовь с первого взгляда!»

— Any member of the crew of the “eagle and tails” tells if to ask a question about the atmosphere within the team is so friendly that it is not always believable. What are your feelings?

— It’s true, with the team I had a love at first sight. You know, all my life I try to surround myself with people for whom humanity is above all. And I really was very pleasantly surprised that the people in Oir meet the criteria for humanity. Of course, everyone is different, everyone has their own cockroaches and quirks, but the cool thing is that this team respect them.

— How many stages of audition you have passed before you get into the project, and how long did you hesitate before saying Yes to the producers?

— Stage I have personally had one: it was necessary to record a video of your favorite spot in the city. I have come to question the creative and recorded a video about the underground Parking of my building. You know, after this video along with others I had a few rounds of approval. Because the program broadcasts at once in two countries, so approval had to come from different sides — in the end I was lucky, and I’ve never pondered before answering. First, because I knew that going in, post videos, and secondly, after they told me the news, and I have time to enjoy, came the realization and thought: what I’m really after leave? My husband called me a fool and sent to collect the suitcase, he was very supportive in this matter. Still, I never thought about what made the wrong choice

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