Irina Shayk reunited Bradley Cooper after separation

Ирина Шейк воссоединилась Брэдли Купером после разлуки
The model and her fiancé denied the rumors about the breakup.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper


Recently vacationing
on the beach in Malibu was intrigued by the appearance strolling along the banks of the two
young people and high cute women. Two of them quickly managed
to identify: it was the 31-year-old model Irina Shayk and her fiance Bradley Cooper. Both
were dressed quite modestly. She is in a dark shirt, fashion torn jeans and a black
sneakers on the platform. He is in a grey jumper with shorts. The third in this little company, as it turned out the reporters turned out to be buddy
Cooper, who invited Bradley and Irene to rest for a day in his mansion

Visitors to the beach not
could not help but notice that Cooper and Shake were rather playful. In some
the moment Irina even attempted to pinch the lover for “loin”. When
both looked very happy. Their behavior, as well as the fact that
hand Irina is still shining engagement ring with large emerald, presented to Cooper last year on the occasion of engagement, become the de facto rebuttal
rumors about the alleged relationship problems Shake and her beloved.

These rumors especially
intensified in summer, when Irina and her fiance spent all their time apart.
First, Cooper was absent, while all the time working on his directorial
debut with the movie “a Star is born”. And when shooting
the chart had paused, he never thought to go home to Irina and their little daughter Leah De
Sien, born in March of this year, and spent time with Lady Gaga, which was shot in one of the main roles. When the shooting ended, Bradley was partying in a bachelor company of Leonardo DiCaprio and his buddies. Irina at this time, long went home to Russia. All this
gave rise to rumors that the couple is nearing breakup. The
more that Bradley stubbornly refused to admit publicly that Leia was his daughter.