Bride Timothy showed rounded belly

Невеста Тимати продемонстрировала округлившийся живот
Anastasia Reshetova laughed at his “position”.

Natalia Rudova and Anastasia Reshetova

Photo: @rudovanata Instagram Natalia Employment

The star of “Youth” Natalia Rudova loves to make fun of the rumors about himself and his friends in social networks. This time the actress reacted to gossip about the pregnancy of the bride Timati — Anastasia Reshetova. Is the official denial of the girl published in a Network the photo where both show rounded bellies.

“A bear, they decided to LA (approx. edited by L. A.)… Children left there, it’s cold… Let it warm grow!” — wrote Natalia.

Fans to publish Employment reacted differently. Someone jokes Actresses seem funny, others annoying original sense of humor Natalia. “Anastasia, it would be very cool if you really got pregnant… Such a beautiful boy You had your way”, “no longer funny… it May be enough to fool the stomach?”, “Somehow stupid media persons behave”, “it would be great if true! From Timothy grows wonderful daughter. She urgently needs a brother or sister,” wrote the star friends.

Recently, the Network discussed a quick wedding Reshetovaa and Timothy, but Anastasia has denied these rumors. In a recent interview she said, “If I really was be getting married, then the press would know it would last. I don’t plan to cover the moment, so for you that would be a surprise!”