The secrets of glass. What you need to know when designing doors and various glass elements

Секреты стекла. Что нужно знать при проектировании дверей и различных элементов из стекла

In a modern design using different materials, including widely used glass. And if you had treated him with skepticism, but today it is found in many projects and is used for making doors, partitions and other elements.

The arguments in favor of glass

What architects and designers are so fond of glass?

First, this material makes the interior a modern and even futuristic, which corresponds to the trends of the time. Plus, glass is universal. Of certain types can make doors, stairs, partitions, showers, fences, facades, canopies, entrances, ceilings and floors.

Секреты стекла. Что нужно знать при проектировании дверей и различных элементов из стекла

Second, the glass is suitable for reconstruction of the current interiors. Replacing the blank wall on the transparent partitions can be performed without complete disassembly. The room becomes lighter, easier, and the glass itself can fit almost any style, from high-tech to classic. The main thing — to choose the right color paintings and concept framing.

Thirdly, glass makes any room more spacious. Contemporary glass designs suitable for offices, residential and public buildings, shopping halls, showrooms and save on the total number of lighting fixtures and even walls — the glass do not need plaster.

Fourth, the glass has a number of positive qualities. It’s durable, especially if it is tempered and strengthened with a protective layer. Glass design aesthetic and hygienic: they do not penetrate the pathogen, they are not exposed to the spread of mold, do not rust and do not change their characteristics over time. The material is durable and does not wear out.

Секреты стекла. Что нужно знать при проектировании дверей и различных элементов из стекла

The nuances of the use of glass in interior design

To make the design modern, stylish, innovative, safe and practical, the design should consider some nuances:

  • Strength. Even with a properly chosen thickness it needed fixing. Framed and frameless structures shall be installed only by professionals in the format of “turnkey”, so you have a warranty on work and materials.

  • The quality and characteristics of the material. Before entering into a contract with the contractor will ensure that for the erection of structures and the manufacture of individual components using high-quality glass. But if you want increased strength, then the optimal solution would be tempered or reinforced protective layer of glass. Require certificates.

  • The type of construction. A lot of them. So, doors can be framed or all-glass, standard sliding or pendulum. Stair — flight, screw and mixed. Glass fencing can have a stand, profiles or point of attachment. Walls of glass are divided into stationary, mobile, portable, and sliding. To find a suitable option among such diversity, it is necessary to consider not only their own wishes and tastes, but the interior style and its parameters.

  • The translucency of the fabric. There are several types depending on the purpose and element of interior decoration. Clear glass gives the structure a weightless, light and airy, frosted or tinted provide visual isolation and protection from prying eyes. Glossy surfaces reflect and scatter light rays, expanding the boundaries of space. Glass coating gives the design a special charm, and the patterns add to the interior of originality and are a kind of accent.

Despite all the advantages of glass, it is not necessary to go to extremes and use for decoration only. Mix and match materials: glass combined with stone, metal, wood.

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