As much as possible to protect yourself from being hacked? Burglar-proof entrance door — what should they be?

Как максимально защититься от взлома? Взломостойкие входные двери — какими они должны быть?

Everyone knows that most hacks are due to a lack of security doors. However, when choosing a door, many are more focused on aesthetics and not for a burglar. And for good reason. We choose a door with a high protection against mechanical damage and dissection. So, how to choose a model, you should pay attention to?

Как максимально защититься от взлома? Взломостойкие входные двери — какими они должны быть?
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Features to consider when choosing a burglar proof doors

Burglary is quite a clear category. To match it, doors should have a number of distinctive features. Among them:

  • Fabrication of metal — mainly steel. Burglar-proof door — frame in the sheet — internal and external, with different levels of resilience to bending. In the standard models use a steel thickness of 1 and 1.5 mm, respectively, in ultra-reliable — up to 2 mm. it is Desirable that the inner sheet was bent that is welded to the outer sheet and the stiffeners (not to the metal corner) — so the security level is considerably increased.

  • The power of ribs that increase the rigidity of the paintings. Is the protection of the special tools — kilichnyy knife that is not able to cut the design. Well, if the thickness of the ribs about 1.5 mm, and the stiffness provided by the metal amps, not the foam, otherwise the doors will be fragile.

  • Protection against squeezing of paintings — the so-called locking points. They are located on the perimeter and in the high-quality models are complemented by hardened inserts. The elements are rods which, when the locking mechanism included in the door frame and provide protection from the power of hacking. The more you have, the more reliable design is more resistant to knocking, sawing. In good models of their 13-22 — locking, the deviatoric, protivosemnye pins with a loop side (they exclude the possibility of removing the door).

  • Extra protection — internal metal latches for fast and safe locking of the doors from the inside (they often add hardened inserts in the bolt), hidden hinges, reinforced box and so on.

Locks and mechanisms that set in burglar-proof doors

Separately to say about the burglar-proof locks in the doors — without a reliable mechanism even protected “by all the rules of” vulnerable. Conscientious manufacturers install multiple locks of different types, to complicate the task of attackers.

Как максимально защититься от взлома? Взломостойкие входные двери — какими они должны быть?

Among the mechanisms considered the most reliable suvaldnye and cylinder — with slots for keys or pins at different heights, respectively. The second type are considered more reliable, but full protection provide additional elements:

  • combination mechanisms of the lever type for a few million combinations of cipher;

  • protection from spikes, perejivaniya, knocking, drilling and extraction — better if it is patented, so there is less chance that the attackers are familiar with it;

  • thick steel in the castle area (4-8 mm), selected transverse ribs;

  • armored lining, optional cylinder locks, deadbolts, protected breakroom and other mechanisms.

Как максимально защититься от взлома? Взломостойкие входные двери — какими они должны быть?

According to GOST 5089-97 there are 4 classes of reliability of locks. In particular, the specialists of the company Elbor is recommended to put the model level 2-4 in the front door.

Classification of burglar-proof doors

Doors, called tamper-proof, divided into classes. It is important to understand that they are all protected, but in different ways. The technological level and complexity of design decisions increases with the class number. Grades several specialized includes an alpha-numeric code, commercial is names (Standard, Premium and Luxury, corresponds to the marking M3, M2 and M1).

The most common classification, which divides the door into levels:

  • With minimal/partial protection and the lowest price, resistant to physical force. Doors may be opened even simple thieves ‘ tools (crowbar, hammer) and they are recommended to install as an extra.

  • Standard (M3, 0) — “sure” protection against malicious intent. Doors are resistant to power tools with power up to 500 watts, they observed the optimum balance of reasonable price and good protective characteristics, so the market they are popular more other. Feature class — installation of anchor ties, which minimizes the risk of deformation of the door frame.

  • Premium and Luxury (M2 and M1 or, according to another numbering, I and II) is a high-level security, including extra ribs and mnohopocetny installation. The painting of thickened, often armored steel resists powerful tool and even firearms. The door justify the costs of the household the highest level of protection.

  • Specialized options. Doors related to them are set in spetshranilischah, Bank bins, and office-home spend money on them much less useful than the previous class.

As a rule, in standard homes and offices, cottages with a non-residence set doors of classes M3, M2 and M1 (0, I and II), depending on remoteness from “civilization”, the crime situation in the area, the presence in the premises of your important documents, money and so on. When you buy should pay attention to comfort and aesthetics, sound and heat insulation, durable accessories, but stylish overhead panel—it is a matter of personal taste.