The reasons for the popularity of linoleum in the finishing of residential and commercial premises

Причины популярности линолеума в отделке жилых и коммерческих помещений

Making repairs in the house, shop or office, many wonder what type of flooring preferred. The decisive criteria is the quality, durability, attractiveness and price. The best option is linoleum, which looks equally good as the apartment and office office. When properly selected, it is possible to find practical, high quality and attractive material that will last for many years without losing properties. Today submitted to directories with a broad range of European, Russian and Chinese manufacturers.

Причины популярности линолеума в отделке жилых и коммерческих помещений

Advantages and disadvantages of linoleum

The main reasons because of which choose this material are:

• Low cost compared to other floor covering;
• Water resistant;
• Easy to install and maintain;
• The ability of the flooring on any smooth surface (Board, concrete floor, old paint);
• Perfectly mimics wood, stone, tile, has a wide range of colors, textures and patterns;
• Ability to select the composition, thickness and quality;
• Versatile — fits anywhere, even on a warm floor;
• Does not creak over time, as flooring and does not deteriorate as low-quality laminate.

With all these advantages there are also disadvantages, which particularly distinguished models of a low price category. Cheap materials are made from PVC, which is not considered environmentally friendly.

Причины популярности линолеума в отделке жилых и коммерческих помещений


That is a wide range and choice as a cheap option for garden or balcony, and an expensive for designer interiors and commercial spaces, is a popular flooring scope of application is extensive. To choose a good product, you need to distinguish between its kinds and to know characteristics.
The role played by the thickness and the base material. There are two kinds of lined and solid, tight and thin, natural and fully synthetic. The homogeneous types are composed of a single layer, but heterogeneous from the substrate, decorative layer and PVC surface. The presence of bases means that a greater thickness, sound insulation and warmth, she can be of woven, non-woven and synthetic components. For home use suitable low durability, whereas for offices, shops and institutions of different profiles of activity — commercial type with a high coefficient of abrasion and strength.

Причины популярности линолеума в отделке жилых и коммерческих помещений

Why choose linoleum

Today, the manufacturers present a large variety of products on sale. There are natural — environmentally friendly, containing natural rubber or cork artificial with excellent wear characteristics, health, safety and immunity to fire. When buying, you need to look at the label that specified certificate of quality, labelling and permit for residential use.

Причины популярности линолеума в отделке жилых и коммерческих помещений

If you want to make the floor as comfortable as possible, pay attention to specimens of higher density and softness, for the tracks will also fit leather tiles, please read more about it here:

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