Сметтер — уникальный онлайн-сервис для строителей и ремонтных компаний

How to calculate the budget for the repair, control the purchase of materials, the work of the contractors and not to get bogged down in paperwork?

This will help the world’s first dedicated online service for building and refurbishment work Smatter. It will save you from unnecessary calculations and provide verification of projects in real time, literally from the site.

Сметтер — уникальный онлайн-сервис для строителей и ремонтных компаний

Setter allows you to create construction estimates, perform calculations, financial reporting and monitoring of work performed. It can save a lot of time and minimize the likelihood of bloated budgets and broken deadlines. Modern cloud-based service with an intuitive interface in real-time enables all project participants to make their own adjustments like with a mobile (app for Android) and computer. The “telephone” between the client, contractor and foreman in the past.

Сметтер — уникальный онлайн-сервис для строителей и ремонтных компаний

The service is ideal for individual entrepreneurs and small construction firms, helping to monitor the progress of repairs and construction without unnecessary paperwork. You get the opportunity to issue meaningful reports for the customer, control costs and thus will be sure that the project to be completed with profit.

What can Smatter?

Smeyer created in order to allow you to focus directly on building works and repairs. All calculations service takes over.

Сметтер — уникальный онлайн-сервис для строителей и ремонтных компаний

Online service Smatter include:

  • convenient editor estimates with ready formulas for the calculations (estimates cost estimates for customer’s profit estimates for the performance of the works contractor, etc.);
  • the ability to quickly calculate the cost, profit, contract price of the work. You are always aware of not have gone there “in minus”, how much should the customer pay and what profit you can count;
  • the ability to instantly generate reports for contractors and clients;
  • assistance in organizing joint activities. The task Manager allows you to formulate a specific job, for example, the purchase of materials and to assign responsibility, which is online in the store puts a mark about the execution of the job, which will see all participants of the project;
  • Smatter automatically recalculates the cost of the work (if you need more materials, their cost has changed, etc.), forms acts “according to plan” and “in fact” during the reporting period.

Smetter is a free service that has no analogues in Russia and in the world. You can upload up to 4 quotes for 4 participants together, and if that’s not enough to purchase a subscription to the full version for 299 rubles per month (or 2999 rubles a year) and download unlimited number of quotes and to access additional functions. The service has proven successful: today it is used by more than 25 000 professionals in the construction sector throughout Russia. A nice bonus will be the imminent launch of Smetter for iOS devices.

Rid yourself of unnecessary papers, and free sign up at www.smetter.ru!