В компании «Просто Замок» рассказали, как декорировать двери с помощью панелей МДФ

In the Moscow company “the Lock”, which specializiruetsya on the replacement and installation of locks, repair and emergency opening of doors, spoke about the MDF panels. With the help of which you can decorate interior and exterior doors.

What is MDF panels

MDF (from the English. Medium Density Fibreboard) or hardboard medium density sheet material, which is obtained by pressing fine wood chips at high pressure and temperature. The plates have a homogeneous dense structure (up to 1000 kg per cu m) and can be manufactured with higher resistance to fire, moisture and chemicals. The most widespread MDF plate were obtained in the production of furniture and materials for interior finishes (laminate).

Due to the high strength excellent decorative properties of MDF are also used for the production of decorative overlays on the door. This coating can not only transform the look of rough metal doors — it will give her additional sound insulation, and further protects the metal from moisture.

The specifications of the panels and their insulating properties can be found on the official website of “easy Lock”: http://www.prostozamok.ru/.

What are MDF panels

Manufacturing technology of MDF allows to obtain a product of any shape and texture. Decorative plates, which offers “easy Lock” and have a thickness of from six to sixteen millimeters, can simulate various types of wood and other decorative materials.

A variety of textures and wide color range of MDF panels allow you to enter the updated doors in any interior. The advantage of overlays is that no need to change a reliable door that is not in harmony with the new renovation. It can be simple to decorate.

The catalogue presents overlays of different strength. Products of the series “Vandal-proof plastic” will help restore the appearance of even doors, suffered from vandling the actions of the burglars, giving it additional strength.

How to order

Installation of panels MDF can be ordered on the website of “easy Lock”. You can also contact the Manager of the company on the phone and call Gager home, it’s free.

The specialist will recommend the optimal overlay. He will show samples of coatings and models overlap. For installation of panels no need to dismantle the door — it takes about two hours. For the manufacture of panels requires two to three days.

All the necessary information on the MDF panels — types of panels, textures, colors, the range of works performed by specialists of the company, etc. — is detailed on the official website of “easy Lock”.