Причины развода Джоли и Питта – наркотики и алкоголь

And this is not a joke. Favorite celebrity couple on the planet is preparing documents for dissolution of marriage. Information was confirmed by the lawyer of Angelina.

News about divorce itself, a pair of Hollywood appeared in the media with enviable regularity. It is no wonder that this time the boy who cried “wolves, Wolves!”, no one believed (read more HERE). And for good reason. This time it’s for real. Angelina and brad really want to leave. Moreover, the attorney Jolie even managed to make an official statement. They say that the documents have been filed “to be.”

“This decision was made for the well-being of family members. She would not comment on the decision and asks that the family was granted the right to secrecy of private life in this period”, – said the representative of the actress.

But foreign journalists still managed to get to the truth. Sources of the portal TMZ reported that the conduct of pitt was simply dangerous for children. The last time he was too fascinated by the alcohol and drugs.

“Angelina’s fed up with what is happening. She simply handed over nerves”, – quotes words of the source publication.

It also says that Jolie has decided she wants full custody of six children. Pitt, however, she promises not to forbid to see them. Of course, with the condition that he will be sane and sober mind.

Recall, Jolie and pitt was in a relationship for about 13 years. In 2013, the couple formalized their relationship. The ceremony was closed. In a tiny chapel in France was attended by only children and closest friends.

Angelina and brad met on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in 2004. According to eyewitnesses, between them immediately arose passion, which did not prevent to develop even pitt’s relationship with Jennifer aniston. After some time, the actor divorced his wife. Couple Jolie – pitt instantly became the most discussed in the press.

Actors six children: three adopted and three biological.