Навка раскрыла тайну красных штанов Пескова и третьего ребенка

Skater open up in the program of Tigran Keosayan “the international Pilorama”.

This weekend Tatiana became the guest of the show “international sawmill” on NTV, where he answered the provocative questions of the presenter.

Naturally, the first thing Tigran Keosayan asked the star how she met her future husband, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. The answer was unexpected. It turns out, brought a couple of the wife of Tigranes, and the Post still thinking about whether to give Dmitry his room.

“Well, first, not I met him, and he with me. Your wife was brought to me by Dmitry Sergeyevich. Then for a long time she pleaded with me to give him the phone number. And then the baby, the wedding and everything. We were made for each other. Home is the only place where he can relax and rest. I understand how tired he was, so I try questions not to ask. He’s a noble, the best man, father, husband and press Secretary”, – said Tatiana.

Could not resist leading questions about income couples, because Tatiana earns more than her husband. If that is not complex? What the Pastor said, “He’s happy, like “goldfish” got it!”

Then followed a question about red pants press Secretary, who last winter just blew up the network.

“That way you’re not working?” asked Tigran.

“Honestly, worked. All bought – and pants, and a jacket, ugg boots just Dmitry Sergeyevich,” admitted Tatiana.

At the end of the program stars are talking about children. Tatiana said that family is her biggest dope.

“When I come home, I met this blond creature with a huge daddy’s eyes and yells, “Mom!” What else do you need?” – said the skater.

By the way, two of the couple have six children: a daughter, Nadia Alexander from his marriage with Tatiana skater Alexander Zhulin, and Dmitry Peskov three sons and a daughter from two previous unions. But this is not the limit. Navka said that her favorite number is seven. Dmitry is not aware of this, but everything is in his hands.

That is, it cannot be excluded that in a short time, the couple once again become parents.