Драма Бузовой: истерики на людях и откровенные фото

The star of “House-2” already can not control myself.

Since it became known that Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov are really divorced, the lead had changed dramatically. If married with Tarasov Olga was in the image of obedient wife, daughter and mother, sometimes allowing himself revealing outfits, but in society the wife, now Buzova every day, the scandal…

On the weekends, Olga took part in the program Kostyushkin Stas on the channel MUZ-TV “is Very Cariocan” where the stars had only to sing, but… Buzova suddenly began to cry and to complain of destiny.

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“People public allow themselves addressed to such ugly statements… I honestly want to say I am no man wrong did. Really. I avoid it hurt. And why so much hatred to me? I really don’t understand,” cried Olya Stas. The singer rushed the star to calm down, and they started to perform her hit “the sounds of kissing.”

Then she went to the city again for a concert where the song was performed by Frank phonogram and the performance shone in lace black underwear, which was treacherously out from under a super short dress.

ORL Thank you very much for such tply Prim Catching your views and energized You are amazing Thank you for singing with me today You and your love is my incentive to move forward and be strong Be happy and promise me to sleep and Wake up #ozvuchivali

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“Plywood. The horror! The back of the bra sticking out, to sit in such a position in such a short dress… what kind of farm…” – outraged subscribers.

Image Buzova really has changed dramatically. Olya always allowed myself a mini as proud of the shapeliness of their legs, but now the star is clearly over the top. That only is her night photo in a translucent bodysuit and high-heeled boots.

“Really went off the rails! Well, where women’s wisdom and pride?” – condemned fans of the star.

Meanwhile, the oil poured into the fire, his own grandmother, Olga, who said that the marriage was not going smoothly. Remember how Buzova claimed that her house will hear the laughter of children? So, grandma denied the granddaughter of desire to have children…

“My husband was not interested in work by Olina, could not find appropriate words when something did not work, and she was so right. Olga, on the contrary, all itself, were devoted to him. When Tarasov was injured, were ready with him to go anywhere for treatment, to undo, just to be there. Said: “Dima is good with me.” The granddaughter told me that Dima asked the children, this topic is raised. But Olga wanted to have a career. I was advised to stop, build a house, have a baby, and then continue to go up the career ladder. But she was not ready for children,” said the “StarHit” grandma star Tamara Buzova.

Here’s to you and the family idyll… people Buzova and Tarasov were one, that is my and my and stars reigned confusion and misunderstanding.

It is noteworthy that while Dmitri Tarasov shares in social networks rare pictures with friends and working out, Olya almost every hour publishes pictures of one another openly. Apparently, so star tries to prove to herself that her husband was wrong and lost a lot, filing for divorce.