The husband of Ani Lorak forgives her revealing outfits

Муж Ани Лорак прощает ей откровенные наряды

The singer’s story in a recent interview about how her husband refers to the provocative “naked” dresses and other outfits outright.

Ani Lorak often appears in public in a seductive toilets. Deep neckline, mesh, transparent fabric, underwear instead of dresses – sexy Arsenal star could easily compete with the wardrobe of Kim Kardashian! But as it turned out, Frank the toilets are not harmful to the family life of Ani. In one interview she said that her husband Murat Nalchajian quite tolerant of her fashion experiments.

“He knows this scene and I always try on different images. It sometimes dominates the minds and fantasies. But it’s a game. He realizes that he is the image and people. And I don’t allow myself some of the platitudes that “I’m – all.” What’s inside, then outside. If inside I do not, then the outside will not be”, – transfers words of Ani site of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Meanwhile Ani Lorak is very kind to stage costumes. If required by the plot of the song or the clip, she is even ready to go on stage in provocative underwear! When the singer is happy to share the secrets of their seductive image with the representatives of the press, and the subscribers of their “Instagram”.

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