Lee VS cum: how did the scandal because of the bags

Хилькевич VS ЦУМ: чем закончился скандал из-за сумки

In the words of the star of the series “Univer New hostel,” one of the most famous stores in Moscow responded to her post and promised to sue.

Things stars, especially accessories, has always been the object of attention… Fake from the original fans feature quickly. It is one thing when the stars consciously decide to save money, and another question – when things of improper quality get them from boutiques.

Recently, the star of the sitcom TV series “Univer New hostel” accused one of the Central shops of the capital to trade fakes. The reason is this: the actress bought a bag Dolce and Gabbana for 140 thousand rubles. But at home, having new clothes, the star found that the chain is broken. Thing back to the store, but these bags Anna never met, even on the official website of the brand.

Today, this story was a very interesting sequel.

“Just a couple of hours ago I received a call from one of the chapters store. The purpose of this “visit” was kindly asked to remove the post and write what I groundless denigrate the store, because this bag is not fake and that such a model actually exists in the collection of the DG added that I just do not understand the fashion business))”, – has told the actress in her Instagram.

However, this was not the end. The dispute representatives of boutique and famous blonde came up to designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

“In the near future a photograph of the ill-fated bags will be sent to the eminent designers, they will publish it on the website (because my question is, why is this model not on the site, I was told that not all bags are available on the website), and then I will write a retraction and say that was wrong, slandered largest trading house,” continued the star of the sitcom.

However, the boutique in order to preserve the reputation and really got in touch with the Fashion House. And although bag want to publish on the website did not, but sent a letter – “handbag real”.

A company representative said that the accessory was delivered to the store from Milan on 13 July this year. Posting a letter on the page, the head of the Central Department store Alla werber again demanded that Lee apologize.

“Well, well, if this letter is real, not printed helpers, and it says exactly about the bag, then I certainly apologize. Unpleasant situation and very complicated, – said the sitcom star and finished very sad: “As sung in one song: “I’m going so all in Dolce Gabbana, I go like this, the heart wound!”.