Victoria Beckham spoke about her fashion failure

Виктория Бекхэм рассказала о своем модном провале

The star admitted that being pregnant, wearing absolutely silly things.

Now Victoria Beckham is considered a style icon. She has many years she creates garments and her sense of taste in anybody does not cause doubts. But it was not always so.

Being pregnant, the singer dared to wear whatever they like, down to the costumes designed more for home use.

“At some point, I seemed normal to wear a cat suit made of latex, the singer admitted in a recent interview with The Edit. — When I was pregnant with Romeo, I went to “Disneyland” with huge heels Christian Louboutin, and it is the ninth month of pregnancy!”

Yes, I confess, a pregnant Beckham walking in “Disneyland” in a latex suit with heels, now is just laugh. Imagine Victoria in a similar outfit today is simply impossible. And she admits that she started to dress much more modest.

“I’m on the plane from London 11 hours, and after so many hours, when I leave the airport terminal, I was literally bombarded by the paparazzi, so the only thing I want at this moment to wear, something that would help me look fresh,” says Beckham.

This, according to Victoria, and became its starting point in the creation of her collaborative collection with Estée Lauder.

“Even if you do not pursue the paparazzi, someone else can just do a selfie, so everyone should be ready to shoot at any time, – said the ex-soloist of the group Spice Girls. No matter whom you work, you should be ready to flashes of cameras right now.”