The head does not hurt: Kudryavtseva find out the cause of their migraines

Голова не болит: Кудрявцева выяснила причину своих мигреней

The presenter did a genetic test and found out that her headaches were hereditary.

Stars are people too, and often not get sick star disease. Here Lera Kudryavtseva, for example, is constantly suffering from headaches, and she has a hernia in the spine… In General, recruitment is not small. And as the TV presenter always took good care of their health, she decided not just to treat their ailments, and try to figure out the cause of the disease and eliminate it once and for all.

“Recently, met interesting professionals, and they have proposed to undergo the unusual procedure – genetic analysis of the blood, – said Lehr magazine “StarHit”. Agreed, and passed here the other day got the results. Now I know not only their roots are European, by the way, but the predisposition to disease. It turns out, headaches went to “a reward” from past generations – the doctors discovered a tendency to severe migraines. Also, through the tests found out what the most effective vitamins I take, which products are the most useful. Husband Igor, of course, laugh at my hobby, but when I returned from the clinic, began to ask what I have as a Yes. Maybe in the future will be decided on such a procedure. For genetics, I believe the future”.

Leroy is absolutely right. Genetic testing can also check whether you have a predisposition to cancer, and it is in our time is admittedly very important issue. For example, data about the genetic test helped Jolie to decide on a complicated surgery to remove healthy Breasts and ovaries. The results of the analysis were disappointing: the possibility of developing Angelina was ultra-high – 87% of the 100 due to a mutation in the BRCA1 gene. So, if you are interested in your past and therefore the future, to take a genetic test is not so difficult.