A new trend in Instagram: nail Polish-“sweater”

Новый тренд в Instagram: маникюр-«свитер»

In the New year’s eve beauty bloggers delight their subscribers, new year pictures on the nails.

Are, looks like a festive Christmas sweater knit with bright pictures of reindeer, snowmen or snowflakes? Now try to translate this print on my nails. You’ll see, unnoticed you will not stay!

It is recognized that the Mani -“sweater” popular is not the first season. But this year he seems to have acquired their trends became more interesting and bigger. The latter effect needs to apply a pattern brush in two or three layers.

But any color can. But we noticed the predominance of combinations – red and white, dark blue and silver, blue and white. In General, those that are associated with winter and Christmas.

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