Julia Roberts refused makeup and all advises

Джулия Робертс отказалась от макияжа и всем советует

The actress believes that all of these “masks” to us, girls, to anything, and promises for the next social event to appear without a gram of cosmetics.

Though naturalness is now in fashion, but still stylists do not forget to remind us about the accents: glitter in the trends will be erected, it will tell everyone a bright lipstick to paint her lips. Every day cosmetics on our shelves are becoming more and more… And I don’t think we notice how obsession with beauty stuff has become a problem. But Julia Roberts drew attention to it and published a sensational message, which urged all women to stop thinking only about external beauty to the detriment of internal development.

“Perfection is a disease of many Nations, – says Julia. — We cover our faces with tons of makeup. We regularly MCPFE yourself Botox and then starve himself to death for the “perfect size”. We’re trying to fix something that absolutely doesn’t need it. But what we should care in the first place, remains our focus. Know what it is?

This is our soul”.

“The soul that needs careful care and care – continues the actress. — It’s time to do it. Honestly, how can you expect someone will love you if you yourself don’t like? Reshaping his appearance, except to say that you’re pleased with yourself? No. I want you to clearly understand: it does not matter what you look like outside if you’re completely empty inside.

Today I want to say to everyone: I won’t put up with makeup. I don’t want to do makeup because I’m tired of wearing someone else’s face. It’s time to lose the mask. I know I have wrinkles, but I want to see them. I’m real. I want you to accept me for who I am.

The world today is obsessed with appearance. You even can’t imagine the turnover of companies that have invested in your head thoughts that you need to invest funds to delay the inevitable signs of aging, resorting to unhealthy and unnatural use anti-ageing products.

The principles of beauty XXI century clearly can be defined as abnormal. It’s beauty on steroids, which, like a virus, spreading around the world. It’s awful!

You know that artificial aesthetics rules the world, keeping us locked in a prison of their illusions about appearance? Instead of living and to follow our nature, we are forced to confess the canons of beauty that are imposed on us.

But you know what?

I’m tired of it. And I say to myself: stop. I encourage you all to stop and remember who you really are, what you really want. Remember who you are.

No one will ever be able to 100% comply with the criteria of beauty. Appearance – the last thing we should appreciate in a man. All that matters is the soul. Remember this forever.”

The statement of the actress has caused a whole discussion in the network. Someone quipped that a good way to talk when you are endowed Hollywood data – which is a smile Roberts.

Others remembered that Julie, despite its spectacular appearance, very likely to be overweight and constantly struggling with excess weight. This issue was particularly relevant during the filming of “Eat pray love” when she had to eat pasta and pizza all day. Rumor has it that during this time, hip Actresses so spread that it was forbidden to shoot yourself in full growth… What will happen if Julia will cease to follow you? Are we soon will be able to observe Robert in the volume of Plus size models? Or is she saying that, don’t think about the appearance, and the house itself only eats grass?

Anyway, time will tell. Fans are already eagerly waiting for the first secular release of a Hollywood star to look at her face. Whether it will be at least a gram of cosmetics? Or actress will keep his promise?