Отец Виктора Цоя требует сурового суда над Серебренниковым A relative of the famous musician commented on the arrest. Robert Maksimovic believes that if the Director really to blame for the theft, he must suffer a just punishment. Before the start of proceedings the Director worked on a film dedicated to the leader of group “Cinema”.
Отец Виктора Цоя требует сурового суда над Серебренниковым

Famous film Director Kirill Serebrennikov was detained by the investigative Committee August 22, in the case of embezzlement of large sums of money. While on this fact conducted the proceedings, therefore, the Basmanny court of Moscow sentenced the filmmaker to house arrest.

About the unfolding scandal has decided to speak out father of Victor Tsoi. Robert Maksimovich sure that any person who violates the law should be punished, if the court can prove his involvement in the fraud.

“I want to, if he is guilty, so he sued. That’s all,” commented Robert Choi.
Отец Виктора Цоя требует сурового суда над Серебренниковым

The last few months, Kirill Serebrennikov worked on a project dedicated to the leader of group “Cinema”. The film, according to the Director, was to develop in the period from late 1970s to early 1980s. it was at this time young Victor Choi was preparing for the release of the first album and created her most famous hits. The Director was interested in the early period of creativity of the musician.

In connection with litigation production was suspended. Now no information about the release date of the picture there. Myself pieces of silver is not out of the house by court order and does not communicate with the media.

Robert Choi stressed that he insists on a fair trial, and in any case do not demand the punishment of the innocent.

Fans of the Director are sure of his honesty before the law. Many of them are inclined to think that such a violent reaction to Robert Choi connected with his personal grievances Kirill Serebrennikov. The fact is that while working on a film about music legend, the Director chose not to communicate with family members Victor.

“I have not seen and not heard, do not know. Only recently heard that there is a Kirill Serebrennikov,” shared Robert Maksimovich.

In comments to the portal of the national news service, a relative of the musician said that he considers strange such an attitude to work. Robert Choi is confident that without communication with family members of Victor it is impossible to truthfully convey the important milestones in his creative and personal life.