Муж Жасмин появился на Дне Независимости Молдавии после скандала

27 Aug singer Jasmine along with her husband Ilan Shor visited events dedicated to the Independence Day of Moldova. The celebration took place in the city Orhei, where was held a solemn parade. The girl great time with my husband, who is the mayor of the city and had not left him a single step.

Муж Жасмин появился на Дне Независимости Молдавии после скандала

The singer is quite painful experiences for the trial involving her husband. He was accused of money fraud, and was sentenced to seven and a half years of imprisonment. Deputy attorneys do not back down from the case and challenge the decision.

“An eventful morning, but the day has just begun. With her beloved husband opened the celebration, held with a parade, laid flowers at the monument to the founder of the city, Vasile Lupu, and now go to an Airshow”, — told about plans for the festive day singer Jasmine under the joint photo at the ceremony.

“My husband already released? As something very quickly” “I thought he was under house arrest,” surprised fans with a new staff. But mostly, the fans rejoiced the Independence Day and new family photographs, which are rarely seen in the network. The singer could not leave unanswered questions interested of fans that said, “”Who closed it? What are you talking about? Read the correct information”.

Муж Жасмин появился на Дне Независимости Молдавии после скандала

The singer said that struggling to learn the Moldovan language that would honor the roots of her husband. She looks very happy in photos together with your choice.

Recall that in July, prior to the ascension of the sentence, Ilan Shor was already released from house arrest under the supervision of the court. It was wasliving certain limitations, which the mayor had to perform. He was charged for his involvement in the theft of money from three Moldovan banks, the amount of which was $ 700 million.

The judicial charges against Ilan Shor has shocked the entire family of the mayor. Jasmine even expressed concerns about the health of your spouse, it is often a trial affect the nervous system and as a business person. Moreover, the spouse of the singer has always had a weak heart. Also, very worried about the fate of his dad’s kids pairs — five year old Margaret and Myron, who is only one year.

“Margaret worries for him, she still feels and loves. In early July, when I brought children in Moldova, Miron directly to him reached out, put his head on my shoulder, kissed him. I have goosebumps ran. And Margaret said, “Daddy, I want you were all the time near me!” We live in different countries, it’s hard, but we cope. It only makes us stronger,” shared Jasmine.