Юлия Савичева написала послание своей дочери

Russian singer Julia Savicheva recently became a mom and decided to address his newborn daughter a message on instagram that she will be able to read in the future. She said in the message that waiting for the baby was long and full of surprises, but now she’s happy.

Юлия Савичева написала послание своей дочери

“You’re very small, and likely don’t understand our joy and pride, but the day will come, and you will read this message,” the beginning of their touching message singer under the photo of the small hand of his baby girl. “You may be surprised how many people were waiting, how many of our friends congratulated you. How long have we been going to this. How much strength and nerves had been spent in order to tell you today “good morning”. We wish you health and joy. Be happy and loved”.

Recall that the birth of his daughter, fans said the producer of singer Maxim Fadeev. She Savicheva not particularly rasprostranyalis about their experiences and about his daughter Anne.

The fan was just in awe of this sudden blatant message. for them it was a real surprise, because fans followed the updates of its account in anticipation of any news of a newborn Anna. “Yulia, you are great. I wish a little happiness health and success, All was not in vain, because children are the most important thing in life”, “I’m Sure you and Sasha will be wonderful parents,” say the fans in the comments under the touching and sweet photo.

There were rumors created by fans that the artist had problems with pregnancy, why she disappeared from the scene. This disappearance was associated with personal problems in the family. But now the rumors have vanished, because the family Savicheva everything is fine.

The singer’s father Stanislav Khristenko has informed that has already seen baby Anna, but only via Skype. Grandpa hopes that soon you will see the child alive, will celebrate this event. “My wife and I have been waiting for this event. Talking to daughter on the Internet almost every day,” — said Stanislav Borisovich. The performer’s father as well noticed that is not going to come to mound city home.

Earlier in the Internet appeared a lot of news about what Savicheva in position, but the artist does not comment on such a statement. Therefore, the sudden birth of his daughter the actress surprised fans and was a real surprise. So far, the singer offered no comment on the return to the stage. The girl gave all his spare time to the education of girls.