Диана Шурыгина выходит замуж The chosen girl was the 29-year-old operator, Andrew Slagen. According to Shurygina, she began active preparations for the wedding. The future spouses live together and did not leave for a minute.
Диана Шурыгина выходит замуж

Chosen one of the infamous girls is a 29-year-old operator Andrey Slavin. The guys met in the spring during the filming of the reality show “hanky-panky with Diane Shurygino” YouTube channel and Andrey Malakhov. And last week the couple filed a statement in one of capital registry offices. Marriage registration will take place on 5 October.

“Andrew, I liked his cheerful and kind nature, manner of communication, – shared with “StarHit” the 18-year-old Diana. – He supported us morally, because I was still overcome by the haters. With him felt like a stone wall. We’ve been Dating three months and did not leave for a minute.
Диана Шурыгина выходит замуж

I moved in with Andrew, he has a separate apartment. The other day we were having Breakfast and he said: “Diana, will you marry me! I love you so much”. Almost choked on his coffee in surprise and agreed. Ring decided to choose together to guess the size and design.”

Andrew works as a statement on “the First channel” and also shoots various events. According to friends, the young man demanded in the profession and well received. Diana herself was forced to leave the position of Barista in one of the institutions of Moscow. In the future she plans to go on relevant courses and apply for a new place. While all thoughts of Diana busy upcoming wedding. Slagin already introduced to her parents.

First job and the return of the father: the positive changes in the life of Diana Shurygina

Диана Шурыгина выходит замуж
“Mom and dad Andrew well I was accepted, continues Shurygina. We regularly rest together in their cottage. However, they believe that it is too early to sign. My parents have the same opinion, though, and incredibly happy for us. On the other hand, why wait? While passions run high, it is necessary to marry”.

After the ZAGS, the young will celebrate a joyful event in the restaurant, which will call close. As a wedding organizer friend Shurygino, TV presenter Diana Bicharova, she helps future newlyweds to pick up clothes and a place to celebrate.