The factory production of furniture RAMMUS: an inside look

Производство фабрики мебели RAMMUS: взгляд изнутри

Factory RAMMUS is the largest Russian manufacturer of high-quality wicker furniture from korotangi. It is a rattan of the new generation. The use of environmentally friendly raw materials, own technology and strict quality control at all stages of production — the key principles of the enterprise.

RAMMUS — the largest furniture factory in Russia, producing wicker furniture from polymer fibers, called ecorating. The performance parameters of the factory’s products favorably with foreign and domestic counterparts due to development of own technology of producing the material. In the production RAMMUS fiber used organic primary raw materials: this rattan is called “ecorating”. Impeccable quality of the furniture RAMMUS is confirmed by international quality management certificate ISO 9001-2011.

The starting point for RAMMUS production of furniture made of artificial rattan — design manual sketch of the model a designer-constructor. In the process of artistic sketching, the designer considers not only the shape, style and color of the product, but also its proportion and ergonomics. The finished sketch is the basis for computer simulation and build obrazovannoi 3D model, which is then passed on to production.

Carrying a piece of furniture from korotangi RAMMUS — frame made of aluminum profile: robust, lightweight, corrosion resistant. For the manufacture of a furniture frame profile tube made of aluminum is cut by pre-applied markings, and then subjected to bending operations on a modern semi-automatic controlled machine. The thus prepared parts of the frame rigidly fixed in the jig and are connected by argon welding. After grinding the welds and the metal structure is painted by spraying in the spray booth and placed in the chamber of polymerization for curing and drying of topcoat.

Raw material for the production of korotangi RAMMUS is the primary high-pressure polyethylene and Masterbatch Sabic — organic polymer with a hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties. In the shop of extrusion granules of raw material are crushed and go through the stage of molding the fiber on the innovative equipment. Thanks to the technology of its own design and special additives to specialists of the factory managed to significantly improve the performance of korotangi and increase the durability of wicker furniture from RAMMUS fiber to 30 years.

In the shop of the weave is hand braided aluminum frame artificial rattan RAMMUS and subsequent shrink fiber industrial dryer: so rattan fiber acquires the necessary degree of tension and tightly encloses the frame.

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