The company “Calico”: 10 years on the market of textile decoration in SPb

Компания «Коленкор»: 10 лет на рынке текстильного декорирования в СПб

Company “Calico” helping clients to create unique interiors with textile decoration, marks 10 years. During her work she has gained a lot of loyal customers and positive reputation in the market SPb. Cabin workshop, was recently equipped with a powerful innovative equipment. Its employees have undergone additional training and have received extensive practical experience. Thanks to modern production can easily cope with orders of any complexity. Currently, the “Calico” actively takes orders from individuals and from businesses of various scales.

The subtleties of the order for sewing curtains

To order services of experienced professionals, you need to follow a few simple steps. This includes the following:

  • call an expert advice and call the designer;
  • approval of the draft created by the specialist based on the requirements of the customer, taking into account characteristics of the premises and of the interior;
  • the conclusion of a bilateral written contract;
  • acceptance of the work of the specialists after the installation of the curtain rods and hanging curtains.

Having a preliminary idea about window decor, you can calculate the cost of future products independently. For this you need to use a calculator available on the website by clicking on the link Here you need to enter information such as the number of products, the cost of fabrics, length of the eaves and the coefficient of the Assembly.

The advantages of tailoring and designer curtains

The use of designer curtains in the interior has a lot of advantages. They consist in the following aspects:

  • the creation of a harmonious environment;
  • masking defects bad repair;
  • change the interior without a large investment.

The company “Calico” carries out tailoring designed on individual projects of curtains for various rooms — bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens. The specialists of this salon are ready to create a unique textile decor for offices, country houses, modern apartments, Banquet hall, administrative offices, educational institutions, hotels, etc.

Minimum order amount is 30 000 rubles. When calculating estimates take into account the type of tissue, the dimensions of the product, the complexity of the work, the availability of additional accessories. In addition to textile decoration, the company offers to its clients the design of the protection systems against ultraviolet radiation, decorative moldings, cornices of different models and so on.