The boiler on gas or pellet boilers: which is better

Котел на газу или на пеллетах: какой лучше

As a comparison, consider the connection and home heating gas and boiler, pellet boilers, in order to understand which option is more effective.

Aport compare features eksplutatatsii gas and pellet boilers. About the test read on.


For connection of the gas boiler will need to perform the following steps:

  • to prepare documentation;
  • to purchase gas equipment;
  • pipes;
  • to connect the boiler;
  • to pay for the connection.

The average connection to the main pipe, and other costs in the aggregate will be approximately $ 15,000. When you connect you will need the assistance of staff of gas service, Ministry of emergency situations.

The costs for the installation of pellet boiler do not differ from the gas. But unlike the previous case, with the assistance of the staff of the Ministry may not apply. Pellet boiler requires a designated space to store briquettes. But given the biological inactivity, which remains after the winter can be stored even under a canopy.


Rare, but still happens a gas leak that explodes on contact with the slightest spark. The pellet fuel does not ignite without a powerful air supply. To pellets caught fire, the sparks are not enough.


A good gas boiler will cost 4-5 thousand dollars. To save on the purchase, you can purchase the burner and install it yourself. Pellet boiler costs about 2-3 thousand dollars.

Features of operation

Gas boilers are by far easier to handle. The only thing they require — check/adjust 1 time per year. The quality of the incoming fuel consistently and meets the standards.

Operation of the pellet boiler more difficult. 1 time in 2 weeks requires cleaning of ash from the furnace, 1 time in 2 months requires cleaning the burner, but perhaps more often, it all depends on fuel quality.

Which boiler is more environmentally friendly?

Gas is not for everyone. During its combustion is the level, as well as a large amount of impurities. During combustion of pellets is allocated the smell of hot wood, the emission FROM neutral.

Gas or pellets: comparison

Gas boiler takes up less space, it is characterized by automation and good heat of combustion, is completely safe to use. Pellet boiler has a low ash content, automatic fuel delivery, high efficiency. Gas is an inexpensive fuel, but its price is regularly increasing. Pellet boiler is absolutely safe, produces a transparent the smoke pellets can be burned even in a home fireplace.

The results

Each of the boilers has a set of advantages and disadvantages and the final choice depends on the needs of the buyer. If we talk about the initial cost of the connection, in the case of the gas model, the connection cost will be 2-3 times higher compared to the pellet. Therefore, if further savings can justify significant upfront costs, the choice in favor of gas-fired boiler is obvious.