Какую выбрать черепицу — керамическую или цементно-песчаную? Особенности и преимущества материалов

To make a right choice of ceramic tiles cement-sand, you must know some facts. For convenience, distribute the comparison on several critical indicators.

I. Aesthetics

One of the main criteria of choice is aesthetics. In appearance, the materials are very close. The person who is not an expert can not distinguish these near-round profiles on the roof. Especially if we are talking about matte colors.

The difference is that the color on the ceramic tiles is achieved by ingibirovaniya and cement-sand — by painting still hot tiles.

Ingibirovanie is applying milk clay with added oxides of various metals to give color during the firing process. Thus, clay tiles are not painted, just the top visible layer, constituting a single whole with the rest of the crowd, had the color in the firing process.

Because of this, the original aesthetic appearance of ceramic tiles lasts forever! Even if you take the shingles from the roof in 200 years, then, after washing it, you will see how it looked on the first day of my life.

Какую выбрать черепицу — керамическую или цементно-песчаную? Особенности и преимущества материалов

In turn, cement-sand tiles, though, and gets its color even in hot conditions (which improves the adhesive — that is, adhesion surfaces), is still painted, not solid. This is with current technology limits the period of operation without loss of the appearance of 15-25 years.
In fairness it should be noted that it is possible to re-paint, but this is additional effort and cost.

While in England, on the contrary, people like the shingles on the roof of their house becomes aged, lived-in look. And some even specifically water the tile water with spores of moss in order to quickly give a solid (by age) of your roof.

Old houses, like pedigree, always in trend, especially in England, where they still are proud of the origin of ascending to the lords and peers.

Another story is a glazed clay tile with a special unique aesthetic. The glaze is prepared by adding glass into the top layer of shingles. On a cement-sandy tile is still impossible, while in Germany, already today, there are line data of roof coverings with a special varnish which gives gloss and gloss tiles. But this technology still loses Glaze.

Какую выбрать черепицу — керамическую или цементно-песчаную? Особенности и преимущества материалов

Since the appearance of ceramic tiles is deeply rooted in history, and range of shapes (profiles) it is much broader. Accordingly you can choose the more appropriate architecture for Your house shape. But this is an aesthetic nuances.

II. Durability

Another criterion which is taken into account, making your choice is the durability. According to the German Polytechnic Institute, the lifetime of cement-sand tiles is 40 years, but ceramic is more than 80 years! For comparison, copper roofing, which in our country is considered eternal, has a life cycle as well 40 years as a cement-sandy.

III. The cost

Now consider the question of the price choose the material. Ceramic tile is, of course, more expensive in Europe, and in Russia. But in Russia the price gap are larger than abroad. The reason for this difference is the existence of three points of a cement-sand tiles in the territory of the former Soviet Union, and the possibility of manufacturing ceramic tiles have not expected for another 10 years. Therefore, all imported ceramics.

IV. Physical characteristics and manufacturability

Most ceramic tile has two locks: vertical and horizontal, which provides a more reliable tightness. Some modern developments, such as the concern AVS-Klinkergruppe, have locks, which provide additional fueled ventilation with high air-tightness. This allows you to save on such expensive items as the vent tile. The result — roofing kit clinker tiles becomes cheaper ceramic counterparts. And some profiles brands such as BRAAS and Erlus available specifically for small angles, which expands the architectural possibilities.

On the physical properties of these two products are very similar, if not to take into account the difference in resistance to UV radiation and aggressive chemicals such as alkaline or acid rain.

Of course, the final decision what tiles to choose for You. Moreover, if the choice is between these two types of roofing, You clearly understand the issue and have good taste!

The material was prepared with the information support Redroofs.ru