The Basques lost a lot of weight and told how he did it

Басков очень сильно похудел и рассказал, как ему это удалось

Nicholas, it turns out, I had to put a lot of effort to lose weight.

At the concert “Song of the year 2016” in SK “Olympic” Nikolay Baskov has wowed audiences, colleagues and journalists. Everyone noticed that the singer is very fit. I think he dropped about 10 pounds. Maybe even more…

As we found out, he lost weight specifically Basque. And not one year. He is currently shooting a movie with famous Hollywood stars and, apparently, by contract or their own wish has decided to come to screens in a new way. Moreover, on a strict diet Nicholas is not sitting, he’s just trying to eat right and burn calories on a walk before bed and in the gym.

Earlier Basques were of the power supply system Queen Margaret. Every day the artist received containers with food and monitor his weight. Through this mode he was able to throw about 8 pounds. And the result he was so delighted that he decided to continue to follow her figure, but adding exercise.

Fans If his efforts are certainly appreciated. In the comments to their posts, he began to receive more compliments.

Thank you for your lubowiecka year 2016!!!!#apocarotenal#flowers

Video posted by Nikolai Baskov (@nikolaibaskov) 3 Dec 2016 10:14 PST