Was the fifth, became the third: Vodonaeva still reduced the chest

Был пятый, стал третий: Водонаева все-таки уменьшила грудь

34-year-old TV presenter finally decided on surgery, which was the dream for many years.

Busty beauty every day Declaration of love to her personality, appearance and of course the figure, an army of millions of fans in social networks.

However, a few years ago, Alain admitted that large Breasts she has some problems. Beautiful, sexy, delicious, but my back hurts from it, and clothes are not so easy to pick up.

Every year Vodonaeva promised myself to go under the knife, but that time was not other circumstances.

“All my life I dream about small Breasts. This desire was passed on to me from my mom, which also luxurious forms. I had hoped that as soon as the face of their first child, immediately do the surgery. After my pregnancy Bogdan’s chest, but son is already three years old, and I was not able to address this important question time,” complained the media personality to subscribers.

But finally came the day X, when Allen gave myself a promise: in the new year with a new chest!

“An important day for herself. Was on consultation at the doctor. Well, it looks like I decided on the name. This is it. I think before the New year I and my baby will do this important cause,” shared the news of Alan.

Specialist found, day X is assigned, and now Vodonaeva will be able to boast more skamneli the size of the breast.

“In America, I consulted with one of the best in this field of specialists, but did not select him, as he saw the uncertainty in his eyes, continues the presenter. He said that this is one of the most difficult breast surgeries and lasts 9 hours. Then I recommend to consult with someone else.

Continued the search in Russia, while monitoring was not given the name of Sergei Blokhin. Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, one of the first plastic surgeons Russia. Met, talked, he examined me. We decided that the most optimal – to reduce the bust with my fifth the size to less than a third. I realized that Sergei Nikolaevich “the same”. He warned that this piece of work, but at the same time instilled such confidence that I realized that everything will end well,” – said Vodonaeva “StarHit”.