Актриса из «Игры престолов» и Гай Пирс ждут первенца

Dutch actress van Houten Caris is pregnant 48-year-old British actor.

That the couple is expecting the birth of their first child, Caris has announced via Instagram, by signing his and guy Pierce photo: “Yes, that’s true.” By way of explanation – picture-Emoji baby. Also Caris wrote: “Well, now joke about the fact that it will be a child-shadow”. The actress has given magical abilities of the heroine Melisandre in the TV series “Game of thrones” – in the second season she literally spawned the shadow, and quite unfriendly to people.

Although the acting couple has not officially confirmed their relationship, recent months have repeatedly seen them together. Guy Pearce, star of the film “Secrets of Los Angeles”, broke up with his wife in January 2015 after 18 years of marriage. This summer, it can be seen in the film “Genius”, where he played the role of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Premiere of the first series of the sixth season of “Game of thrones” will be held on April 24.

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