Miss universe 2015’s Dating a hot doctor

Мисс Вселенная – 2015 встречается с самым сексуальным врачом

The doctor and the sweetest delight of their fans who have already called a couple of the most beautiful.

26-year-old Pia Alonzo Wurzbach, who won last year the title of “Miss universe” has got a lovely gentleman. Chosen one beauty became the star of Instagram with a status of “world’s sexiest doctor”, whose name is Michael Warsaw.

The lovers never tried to hide their relationship. In the network they share joint images that cause excitement among the fans. They all believe that this couple is extremely beautiful. They can admire the infinite.

While some fans speculated that Dr. Mike and Pia easily could outshine the most beautiful couple in Hollywood.

“We meet with a copy, told Warsaw to one of the Western editions. — Our relationship is amazing. I’m very excited, waiting to see what will happen next”.

Well, and then, hopefully, there will be a wedding and lots of beautiful offspring. After all, you cannot miss the most beautiful girl in the Universe.

Pia Alonzo Wurzbach left behind 79 competitors from around the world. Her dad is German and my mother is a Filipina, she has citizenship of both countries but permanently lives in the United States.

Great Dr. Mike is also not the American, though he lives and works in USA. His family moved to America from Russia when Warsaw was eight years old.

To become an orthopedic surgeon, Michael took out a loan for education, which pays up to now. However, despite the financial turmoil, the young man manages to do charity, as, however, and his girlfriend.

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