Тарзан выложил откровенное фото в трусах

Husband Natalia Queen demonstrates to the world their body.

People that take pictures of the food, just kidding, they say, the world must know what I’m eating. And Tarzan, apparently, convinced that the world should know he’s beautiful. Punctually in his blog there are “Nude” pictures. Here is another masterpiece – inflated Tarzan alone in a speedo.

And removed the frame from the bottom. A feeling that Sergei was taking pictures of his wife Natasha Koroleva. Especially in the background, wardrobe with things.

So the singer wants the whole world to know how she was lucky. And no one argues. The muscles of her husband the envy and admiration at the same time.

“Good evening,” he signed the Sergei.

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On what his fans said, “Yeah good, and the campaign, after these photos restless nights”, “Now do not sleep”. But it basically wrote women. But men are skeptical noticed that such a body cannot just pump up shots of protein or steroids. What Tarzan quipped: “you are not so bored. I’m going to stick protein. Not so long ago whinnying. Your ignorance and desire that others knew about it, just touches”.

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