Нелли Ермолаева рассказала о медовом месяце

Honeymoon TV presenter and her husband will go only at the end of July.

Usually after marriage, the newlyweds go on a honeymoon. Especially when the wedding in the summer. Such a huge choice of places to stay! And was wondering where you go Nelly Ermolaeva with her husband, a tycoon. If they spent on the triumph a few million, then surely their honeymoon also needs to be some special!

And the guys were all disappointed after the wedding in Moscow. In fact, it turns out, there were a number of reasons. First, husband of the former participant “Houses-2” Kirill Andreev was supposed to protect and, accordingly, to receive the diploma of the third higher education. Plus Nellie and Cyril was invited to the wedding of Cornelia Mango, and upset a friend by their absence, none of them wanted. And third, both spouses work a lot, and while their schedule has no place to stay.

“The couple is not left without a honeymoon?” – you will ask. Of course not. Nelly finally lifted the veil of secrecy and told when and where they will go with her beloved husband on a journey.

“Sleep for 4 hours… lots of different things and work in the summer. The rest have not yet knocked on our door. Waiting for the end of July… To go to Bali,” wrote TV presenter in his blog.

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