Svetlana Loboda know who helped Olga Buzova to achieve fame

Светлана Лобода узнала, кто помог Ольге Бузовой добиться славы
The singer openly spoke about his relationship to the star of “House-2”.

Svetlana Loboda

Photo: @lobodaofficial Instagram Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda, like many in the world of show business, ambiguously reacted to the appearance on stage of the singer Olga Buzova. Part of the star elite supported the broadcaster in its endeavors, but many are still not willing to put up with its popularity. Svetlana has, since the latter is not included, although the first group it is difficult to attribute. Loboda openly admitted recently that the phenomenon of “His” it is slightly annoying. At the same time, she realizes who Olga was able to achieve popularity.

“Now I understand that this project it will still be there and please people. In a large country, very diverse population. And it’s mostly people who are not able to read, to watch, to think, to seek. They earn money, hard earn, they need to feed the children, make a life and occasionally to something to be distracted. They cannot be blamed.

I think Olga Buzova for such. I see that she tries, looking for images, change costumes, put the dance numbers. Download her singles on iTunes so it is necessary for someone, this should not be taken lightly” — quoted by Svetlana Billboard Daily.

Fans Buzova sharply reacted to the statement of Svetlana. “Yeah where we erudite admirers Loboda”, “Wanted to lower the Olga, and the result looks silly it myself!” — write angry fans Buzova.