Звезда «Мстителей» получил тяжелую травму
Jeremy Renner complained that is unable even to dress myself.

Jeremy Renner


The other day
46-year-old actor Jeremy Renner, disappointed their fans. For starters, he
laid out in his microblog photo with a cast on one hand and the langety in the second.
And soon, the actor became very popular, thanks to its
participation in the franchise “the Avengers” and “Mission impossible”, in the same form appeared
and in public — at a film festival in Karlovy vary (Czech Republic).

It turned out that the actor has managed to break from the right elbow and
left wrist. And when the reporters attacked him with questions that he
it happened, Renner explained that the cause is a failed stunt on the set of his
the next film “Avengers: infinity War. Part 1”

“It happens.
It’s part of my job. Nothing, let’s hope everything will heal quickly. In
anyway, I will make this effort. Don’t even think about that because
in the future I will refuse!” — said the actor, known for the fact that almost always, without doubles. However, in the near future
time, as told to Jeremy, he won’t need any super. To
fortunately, my next film, not a Thriller, and Comedy — “Tag”. And I hardly will require to
shooting to beat a bunch of guys or do something crazy. So this
the injury will not hinder my work. But it terribly bothers me
daily life. Imagine, I can’t even without assistance to get dressed
in the morning, or, for example, to tie your shoelaces!” — confessed the actor.