Sergey Bezrukov touching confession of love to his wife

The actor congratulated Anna matison happy birthday.

Thank you all FOR the CONGRATULATIONS,my Dear,Horroshih!!!!!) Masha is already a year old! THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND WORDS AND WISHES!)

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Fans say that, having played second wedding, Sergey Bezrukov became more withdrawn and virtually stopped sharing details of his personal life. Sometimes the actor talks about family life. Therefore, the recent public Declaration of love, posted by Sergei on social networks, was for fans of the doctor a real gift.

Sergey admitted the feelings to Anna on the occasion of her birthday. Today, she turned 34 years old. With warm wishes, he talked about what qualities the wife managed to win his heart. According to Bezrukova, Anna — talented not only in the professional sphere. She is also a wonderful hostess and a wonderful mother.

“Her responsibility and hard work knows no boundaries… Besides the fact that she’s a wonderful Director, Anya still was a wonderful mother, excellent hostess and wife! Anya! I wish you probably the most important thing… often entertain us! Although, I feel “no rest for the wicked”… Projects a huge amount, and plans gromade! Happy birthday!” — congratulated the favorite Sergey.

In addition, the daughter of Sergei and Anna turned one. On this occasion he showed a photo of his wife with a small daughter Masha on hand. The girl’s face parents are careful not show. Fans congratulated matison happy birthday, Sergei and warmly thanked them.