Анна Семенович обнажилась перед Алексеем Воробьевым

The unusual tandem — Anna Semenovich and Aleksey Vorobyov will soon present a video for the song “I Want to be with you.” Sparrows became a movie Director, and S. was completely surrendered to his power. The singer posted a romantic Instagram photos with Alex, where she is scantily clad. According to him, the audience is in for an exciting and hot clip.

37-year-old TV presenter and singer Anna Semenovich working on the filming of the clip “Wanna be with you”. To orchestrate it, she was entrusted to the talented Alexey Vorobyov, who is not the first time acts in the role of screenwriter. The actor and the musician decided that the main role in the clip should play the mayor. Sparrows came up with a fascinating story with explicit sexual scenes. In front of the cameras he undressed Anna to underwear. Apparently, the young actor was able to approach the singer.
In the social network Sobyanin and Vorobyov posted a few frames of the next clip. The action takes place in a cozy Moscow restaurant. In the first shot – Alex is on his knees before the girl, which are widely separated in the direction of the feet. The very exciting and full of sex. The second shot is even more hot — Anna Semenovich in a translucent Bathrobe kneels on the bed and the rear is sparrows. According to Alexey, in his works, he always takes the place of actor and validates the actions, not to demand the impossible.
Note that S. lost a little weight before the shooting. She has become much slimmer legs and abs. The highlight of the singer – Breasts remained in place and has not diminished any one size. Revealing lingerie and silk robes only emphasize a curvy shape.
Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the video. However, some condemned the star for excessive candor. According to followers, Anna Semenovich overly sexual and the sex scenes make it vulgar. Users want high quality video without the pornographic elements.