Наталья Фриске трогательно поздравила сестру с днем рождения

Saturday, July 8, popular Russian singer, ex-participant of group “Shining” Jeanne Friske would have turned 43 years old. Her younger sister Natalie in posted a touching Instagram post with the photo of Jeanne and wrote words of congratulations. However, she decided to take a sudden step — forbade followers to comment on the.

The birthday of Jeanne Friske her family and close friends staged a flash mob. They posted photos together with the singer and wrote the words for her. Not left behind and a younger sister of the late singer. She posted the picture with Jeanne and wrote “happy birthday my baby”. Fans confused by the fact that the comments to the pictures to become closed. Although this could all write under the publications of Natalia. The reasons for his action Natalia explained. Unfortunately, the followers are unable to join in the congratulations of relatives Friske.
Recall that in 2013, immediately after the birth of her son Plato from TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, Zhanna Friske began to complain of severe headaches. Native singer chalked it up to fatigue and postpartum depression. Mother of Joan, to distract his daughter proposed to go shopping, a young woman fainted right in the Mall. Friske was sent to the hospital and they put a disappointing diagnosis – glioblastoma — a malignant brain tumor. The fourth stage of cancer is inoperable. Live Joan remained a month, maximum two.
“First channel” announced the collection of funds for treatment Friske. Together with the charity organization “Rusfond” people gathered 68 million rubles. A lot more than required. Friske personally insisted part of the money raised, the organization was referred for treatment of nine severely ill children.
The singer was treated in the best clinics of Europe, but to no avail. In the end the choice stopped at a clinic in Los Angeles, where Frisco was taking an experimental drug ICT-107. A woman is very different disease, she had gained more than 25 pounds. However, it seemed that the disease had retreated, Jeanne feel better. But not for long, a few months had a relapse, the singer fell into a coma and never regained consciousness.
In the last days of life next to Jeanne was her mother and best friend Olga Orlova. The favorite of millions Friske died the evening of June 14 at the age of 40 at his home in the Moscow suburb of Balashikha.