Trip to Bulgaria: when Europe is so dear

Поездка в Болгарию: когда Европа такая родная Being in a Sunny country, Russian people will feel right at home. The ability to speak their native language and immerse yourself in the story – only a small part of what can give this amazing place.
Поездка в Болгарию: когда Европа такая родная

open arms

Sometimes we put off a trip to Europe only because the system of obtaining the Schengen visa is somewhat difficult. In the case of Bulgaria, everything is much simpler: become the owner of a national visa can be quite fast and for a long time – even up to six months. To be in a foreign country and feel its the feeling that can give not every country. The lack of language barrier is often the determining factor when choosing the direction to travel.

In any city in Bulgaria you can speak their language and do not doubt that you will understand. To disassemble a particular entry on the Bulgarian you will be able without difficulty, whether the name of the place or the product in the supermarket. Brothers-Slavs also took care that we have not had any problems with the local currency exchange points are located every 300 meters. To pay here you will be in Bulgarian leva or Euro.

the resort area

Поездка в Болгарию: когда Европа такая родная

To begin, decide what exactly you expect from this vacation. If the trip is with the kids, and you are counting on a relaxing beach vacation and good animation, consider the ancient cities of Nessebar and Sozopol, protected by UNESCO. Here the very rhythm of life, beautiful streets, reminiscent of the familiar Odessa and Yalta, as well as all the opportunities to entertain the kids.

For active tourists, eager to spend time in the clubs on the seafront and beach parties is the perfect resort Sunny beach, which is said, never sleeps.

Want to improve health invariably travel to Pomorie is a resort, famous for its healing mud.

Поездка в Болгарию: когда Европа такая родная

And are accustomed to rest in the apartment and live in the same rhythm as the local, well-grounded in Sveti Vlas – a small town, still growing popularity among tourists.

From each area outlined above, you will easily reach the major cities of Burgas and Varna, where you can RAID the shopping malls and boutiques, visit museums and enjoy the local architecture.

If you want to immerse yourself in the history and to grasp the close relationship of Bulgaria with Russia, the choice of excursion routes, take some time and consult an experienced guide.


Поездка в Болгарию: когда Европа такая родная

The legendary Valley of the roses – a work of art. Huge plantations of different varieties of roses are entire families, from generation to generation, transmitting their experience.

If you are lucky enough to be here in early June, you’ll find a unique rose festival is an unforgettable spectacle. In July and August, you will be surprised with the atmosphere – the air filled with the fragrance of flowers, beautiful plantations and, of course, the locals. Needless to say about their kindness and hospitality! Jam, oil, raki, brandy and even moonshine from the petals – only a few that you will be able to try on the spot. Loaf, playing the bagpipes, songs and dances will impress you no less the products that are produced in this picturesque village near the town of Kazanlak.


Поездка в Болгарию: когда Европа такая родная

You will never forget Bulgaria, if you visit the Cape. Almost the entire territory of the picturesque rock massif are the ruined buildings of the ancient fortress. Great experience-also a monument to Fyodor Ushakov monument dedicated to the famous legend of the 40 Bulgarian girls who wove plaits and have rushed in the Black sea, not to be captive by the Ottomans.


For families with children have special offers and packages, allowing to considerably save money and not feel cramped. According to the tour operator ANEX Tour, a week-long stay at Sunrise hotel 3*departing 18 July for a family with two children will cost EUR 1284. The same conditions with the settlement in Planeta 5* stand in 1568 euros in MPM Hotel Kalina Garden – 1700 euros, and in MPM Arsena – 2151евро.

We thank the tour operator ANEX Tour for the help in material preparation.