Супержены: кто ждет футболистов нашей сборной дома

France is in full swing, the championship of Europe on football. How it will make the Russian team, depends on the spouse of our players. After all, when you have everything in order and for the rears you should not worry, and attack are fighting mood.

“Antenna” learned from the wives of the players the secrets of their family comfort, and at the same time explored how they understand football, proposing to fill in a short survey.

1. How do you spend the day before the match, which involved a husband?

2. As often happens in the stadium and sit where?

3. You know some football chants?

4. Dish champion.

5. The output from husband – what to do?

6. Household duties the spouse.

7. How many times the Russian team became the champion of Europe?

8. How many sets in a football match?

Catherine, wife of the captain of the national team of Russia, CSKA midfielder Roman Shirokov

Two children: son Igor is 7, and daughter Victoria is 3 years.

1. Not doing anything. If the husband is away, then we will talk on the phone. Was never not to have exchanged a few words before the match. When you play at home, in Moscow, then go to the stadium, whatever the weather may be, rain or snow, still.

2. What place they take. Go with the child, so do not sit outside the gate.

3. Perhaps I do not remember. When the fans sing the anthem of the team, my son trying to sing along, but all words do not know.

4. Roma probably more like pancakes. Especially in the morning on weekends. Eat them straight from the frying pan.

5. Be sure to have dinner together. Even Igoreshka with dad playing football, and we Vikusechka sit, watch and cheer.

6. Rum helps me a lot. For example, I go to the store for groceries. And the house of special things to do. We still live in a rented apartment, doing construction at home, so nail the shelves is not necessary. Design future home, I think of myself, and my husband fully agrees with me.

7. She once was? I do not remember this (the correct answer is never. — Approx. “Antenna”).

8. And what sets? In football, it seems, period? Although there is in hockey. And here is half of 45 minutes (right – half. Sets is in tennis. — Approx. “Antenna”).

Catherine, wife of defender Igor Smolnikov, “Zenit” (St. Petersburg)

Two children: Alexander – 3 years and Luke is 2 years.

1. Rituals we have no no. But it turns out that we usually before games I spend time at home with the kids, walk in the Park.

2. I don’t go to the stadium. Usually watch the games on TV.

3. “Hop, come on, dominate, humiliate!” is our zenitovsky chants.

4. Igor always adhere to proper nutrition. After all, it is primarily a guarantee of good health and proper muscle recovery. So is fish and vegetables.

5. Be sure to go or go somewhere with the kids.

6. No comment.

7. Unfortunately, never.

8. Not at all. Sets in tennis.

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