Стриженова стремительно худеет по детокс-программе

Famous actress and TV presenter Ekaterina Strizhenova spend their holidays… in one of the Spa complexes of Kazan. Catherine always met with admiring glances, her slim figure and appetizing forms would be envied by many. However, the TV presenter decided to improve his body even more and went for a week in the world of detox.

The first day of the holiday! To beauty and health arrived in Kazan to start a new life in Spa (said to be the best in Russia!). The program is a week-long detox. Wish me luck!!! – his message to the microblog Catherine was accompanied by a photo in a white terrycloth robe from one of the many swimming pools in the complex.

The program at Strizhenovoj rich. After consultation with a doctor she made up his schedule on the program “detox”. By the way, a couple of years ago in the same program to lose weight another celebrity struck everyone with their new forms, Pelagia.

Catherine, judging from the enthusiastic responses in the blog gets from the course is huge fun: from the prescribed procedures, no breaks, strictly sticking to the diet and, as they say, the result is obvious!

I don’t like fasting (one day has passed this ordeal and felt a huge discomfort – absolutely no forces). And here I was attracted by just what is cleansing with the detox food: we always give something, the portions are small, but you chew! Minus 2 kg in the first day!!! I understand that it is the water goes away, but still nice. Everything here is very serious: it had to go through all the doctors. Only then admitted to detox! – shares her impressions the actress.

Fans in awe. However, some wondered: is it such a drastic weight loss? Besides so rapidly dropped weight can lead to sagging skin.

– There are a lot of associated treatments and massages, and wraps, and muscle toning, so nothing is hanging off, reassured worried for her followers Catherine herself.

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The next day almost repeated the result of the previous one. Satisfied and happy, she posted on Twitter a small selfie video, filmed it during one of the water treatments:

− Pool with warm milk! Once recalled Russian folk tales about rivers of milk and honey — Here is a very intensive program: any free minutes. You lead by the hand from room to room. Took another 1.5 kg!

If the presenter continues to lose weight so rapidly, by the end of the course – in a week it may well become more slender 10-14 kg!

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