Алсу показала, как быстро и безболезненно увеличить губы

Popular singer answered the question that interested thousands of its followers.

At the end of April it became known that the singer fall in third time will become a mother. The sex of the baby singer already knows, but keeps secret. Fans suspect that this time the singer will present her husband, businessman Ian Abramov long-awaited son, two daughters – 9-year-old Safina and 7-year-old Mikelle – the family already has.

Star actively sharing your photos on Instagram and, of course, is not without critical reviews.

Followers accused Alsu in significantly increasing the lips and noted that during pregnancy such procedures are not recommended. Popular singer decided to answer the curious members and spoke about his life hacking on the lips.

“Post specially the clever, smart and “well-wishers”, which in recent years has been particularly active trying to prove to everyone, first and foremost, it seems, themselves, and me too, I spent some procedure to increase the lips.

Well, I, of course, in their opinion, doing these supermonopoly with needles and the introduction of any obscurity in your body right now, another more suitable time could not find. So, my dear, open your mega-secret, and show you photos taken today with a difference of only a minute Is, so easy and completely painless to add volume using a normal pencil for the lip contour. And who would have thought, it’s just fantastic.

Understand why this version is not called for individual experts. I usually don’t pay attention to such nonsense, but I thought the summer window, why not share this elementary and fast way with pretty girls. Yeah, I really wanted to see that justice has prevailed. P. S Be happy, loved and beautiful always (and any sponges)” – revealed all the cards popular singer.

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