Пожалела: Ванесса Паради вернулась к Джонни Деппу

The former wife of the actor along with the children came to the island johnny to support him.

The scandal of the divorce of johnny Depp and amber heard has been simmering for more than a month. While amber goes to court and tries to prove that Depp beat her, she hid from the hype on a private island in the Bahamas. And johnny…there is no one

The actor has already landed his daughter Lily-rose who stood up for the Pope immediately after amber accused him of assault. And here in the Bahamas will land the plane and the ramp will descend ex-wife of johnny Depp actress Vanessa Paradis along with their 14-year-old son Jack Christopher.

Recall that Paradis was one of the first made an official statement in defense of Depp. She told the press that in 14 years of marriage, he never laid a hand on her, and the words amber – slander of clean water.

It is therefore not surprising that Vanessa along with his family went to support ex-husband, who is now catching hell from the press.

However, fans of the couple think it is not so simple, and Paradis newly awakened feelings for the ex-spouse.

Still, they and johnny were together since 1998, raised two children, and amber heard the actor was married a year and may already regret this marriage…

Apparently, all the prerequisites for the unification of johnny and Vanessa have. A few weeks on a private island surrounded by family, romantic atmosphere, ocean, sun, palm trees… and who knows, maybe Depp and Paradis will realize his mistake and will once again be a couple.

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