Горячо: Бузова поздравила мужа интимным видео

26 Jun Olga and football player Dmitry Tarasov celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary.

Recently the leading “House-2” and then shocking the fans. Didn’t manage to move away from the “naked” photos of Olga with flowers as she posted videos of herself and her husband in bed.

The clip where Olga with her husband Dmitry Tarasov bask under the sheets, cuddling and kissing, leading them was timed to the fourth anniversary of the 26th of June, the pair celebrated their linen wedding. In honor of this event Buzova devoted husband touching poems.

Love… when we watch an old movie. Together, weep together and laugh. When all night about to speak, And flinch if I touch. Chills from the warmth of your hands, tenderness and happiness, When you pound me a whisky – Appreciation for the participation. When you’re scared: how are you?, And asking about my health, When you’ll cook dinner yourself. And cleverly will lead with a question eyebrow. When you get home, Holding every simple flower, And rubbing my cheek with cheek: Lie with me sleep for another hour! When I suddenly burst into tears, You know me sometimes I guess. When words sharp prick, You’ll fit, will hug me from behind. Love… when I want to hug you When I feel good with you in bed When afraid is to lose, So our feelings are not blown. When, after a quarrel, I do not remember an hour, turning to humor or joke. When you love, like And appreciate it every moment. #Nalgene#golovshinskii#26июня#4годавбраке#listasuja#lullymore#moymoy#happy#love#tarabotti

Video posted by Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Jun 26 2016 12:55 PDT

Intimate videos of the spouses immediately received over a million views and hundreds of wishes of happiness.

Fans know that Olga always speaks openly about her feelings for her husband, but noticed that lately Buzova makes it increasingly seems not just.

The other day Olga made a cryptic entry in social networks: “the Main thing is not to break down on the way, soon we can expect a big change”.

Fans of the star I suspect that the biggest change is the addition to the family! Buzova has repeatedly said that is ripe for motherhood, so maybe he’s going to be a mom? Will follow and look forward to the news.

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